Salary Grant

The UK Teaching Salary Grant serves as a vital financial support system for educators, offering supplementary assistance to both new entrants and experienced professionals in the teaching field. This grant functions as a contribution towards the salary of qualified teachers, aiding schools in recruiting and retaining talented individuals. Whether it’s supporting newly qualified teachers embarking on their career journey or providing incremental assistance to seasoned educators, this grant stands as a pivotal component in the financial landscape of UK education.

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Grant Funding

How much funding can I get?

For unfunded subjects at secondary or across primary, the school will employ the apprentice as an unqualified teacher and the levy funds the university delivered ITT course.


Physics, Mathematics, Computing, Chemistry ​




Design and Technology, Biology​



Why study with the Teacher Training College?


Earn while you learn

Earn a competitive salary whilst training and be comfortable in the knowledge that your salary is yours to do what you wish.


Flexible start dates

If you have school-based experience already we can provide you access to the next intake. If you are a career changer or graduate, we provide you with valuable school-based experience.


Classroom experience

Most of your time will be spent in a classroom where you will gain priceless practical experience; preparing you for your career as a teacher.


First class teacher training

You will gain first-class teacher training with a leading university. Giving you the confidence required to become a teacher.

With termly intakes across the year in both primary and secondary level education, now is the time to get in touch and find out more about how we can help you provide your staff the next step in their career.

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